HG dipping, also hydrographics dipping, water transfer printing, water dipping or hydrodipping is a great technique to bring a sustainable pattern onto a 3D object. During the process, the film dissolves in a chemical reaction (activator), allowing you to transfer the ink onto an object. This way, the pattern becomes one with the object. Finally you apply clearcoat on your product and you will get a scratch-resistant, highly durable and realistic look.

By making use of the water, you get a perfect coverage even in hard to reach places. This way, even difficult shaped articles are not a problem. Almost all hard materials are suitable for this technique, think for example of hardwood, metal, plastic and glass.
Patterns are available in many different motives such as: carbon fiber, camouflage, animal patterns, metals, but also wood and marbles are available in our assortment. There are also many fantasy patterns available.

For the basecoat or basic color you can basically choose any color, this will become the background of the pattern. Basecoat is a special lack for this process. For example, you want white skulls on a red tank, then you give the tank the basic color red. The possibilities are endless.


Some advantages of this technique are;

– Heat resistant

– Seamless transmission of desired pattern

– No shrinkage

– Scratch resistant

– Extremely durable

– No cutting edges

– Complete covering

– Realistic look

– Applicable to virtually any material

– Parmanent color

– Choice of many patterns

You can virtually dip anything. Think of game controllers, telephone caps and coffee machines or bigger; tank of a motorcycle, fairing of a motorcycle, felling of a scooter, car interior, even bumpers of a car can be treated!
This will depend on the size of your dipping tank.

It is a cheaper form of special painting, but it does have the same characteristics. The advantages compared to wrap film is that the print can not shrink, it is weatherproof, the print can not let go and there are no cutting edges.


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