• What can be dipped?
  • Almost all materials can be dipped (metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.) Even flowers have been dipped. But for the dip process it is best to have a solid surface. The object must be physically manageable, and short-lived against water. So if you want to dip a game controller or a laptop, then take the product completely apart and only dip the caps.
  • Which choice of prints / patterns are there?
  • There are many different designs such as: carbon, wood, camouflage, metal, stone, animals etc . Look for available prints at the category patterns or look in our Webshop. Soon it will be possible to print your own designs at HG Dipping.
  • Can I have dippings done by you?
  • HG Dipping is set to the supply of materials. We sell hydrographics products and accessories, do it yourself dipkits and pigment powders. See Webshop! We also dip for customers but not state it on our website. For the waiting time will be too long because of the many request. If you want a dipping done by us, please fill in the complete form at our page Dip service or send us an email info@hgdipping.nl.
  • Can I do the dipping myself?
  • With the dipkits we sell and the manual to guide you through the process, you will be able to dip objects yourself. We always recommend to carry out one or two small test dippings.
  • What do I need to start dipping myself?
  • To start dipping, you need the products of HG Dipping and a tank. This can very easily with a small bowl. You need a container with water of 30°C to 32°C and the container should be large enough for the object you want to dip. You must also have the possibility to rinse your article after dipping. If you have ordered a large dipkit you have all the products you need to perform a complete dipping (dipkit is without dipping tank).
  • Do I have to provide the objects first with a base coat before I can dip? And what is a base coat?
  • In all prints, you need a base coat which is a base color. Some prints have a set base coat color. But there are also a lot of prints that go together with any color. See dip results, basecoat color advice or inquire about the possibilities (contact).
    A base coat is a special basecoat which is designed for this process. When using a different base coat, it is quite possible that the print will not adhere and the dip process fails (immediately or in due time).
  • What is the best way to store the film?
  • The graphic hydro foil is very sensitive to moisture and temperature. In order to ensure the durability and the quality you can best store the foil in a space with less than 60% moisture and a temperature between 20°C and 25°C.
  • Do I always have to use a clear coat on the object after dipping?
  • To obtain a scratch-resistant and extremely durable end result, you always have the objects provided with a clear coat after the dip process.
  • I received film with wrinkles in it. Is this bad?
  • This is not a problem. In this process, you must activate the film (with activator) and the film turns into gel, any wrinkles will be gone.
  • Can I order less film than 1 meter?
  • We sell the film only by the meter.
  • If the dipping fails, can I dip the object again?
  • If the dip process fails, you can re-dip your article again. First dry the object, sand it lightly and apply the base coat. After drying of the basecoat, simply re-run the dip process again.


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