Warranty period

HG Dipping products come with a standard legal warranty.
However, there are custom warranty periods for some products.

  • Patterns, except remainder patterns: Warranty period of 14 days after receipt.
  • Remainder patterns; the item number of these begins with ‘R’: No Warranty.

The warranty of the patterns is applied, as they are sensitive to moisture and temperature

The warranty of the remainder patterns is applicable because these were made at the end of a roll and are sold at a high discount.

Warranty Procedure

It is annoying when an item is not functioning, or not functioning properly. Always follow the instructions on the packaging and the instructions that we provide through a link on the invoice. The manual also provides troubleshooting information.

If an item is not functioning properly immediately after receipt, please let us know as soon as possible and contact us for troubleshooting. If the item proves defective, we will always propose a solution.


Follow these steps if you want to send an article to us for warranty:

  • Within the warranty period, apply for an RMA-number by clicking here.
  • We will send you an RMA form with the RMA-number. The form also states the address to which you can send your warranty product.
  • Return the defective product to us as soon as possible and no later than 10 days after receiving the RMA number
  • Make sure the product is well packed. Articles must always be packed in a carton.
  • If possible, include the original packaging.
  • The RMA number should be listed clearly on the outer packaging.
  • Make sure to enclose a copy of both the RMA form and your invoice.
  • The RMA form must be completed and signed.
  • The customer bears the risk of a return shipment. We therefore recommend sending the package by registered mail and keep the shipping receipt so you can claim any loss from your carrier. Please note that shipping of returned items is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective postal carrier.

For the exact situations our warranty covers and exclusions to this, see the article ‘Warranty’ on our Terms and Conditions page. Click here for our Terms and Conditions.

Return-shipping costs are first always borne by the customer.


Because we want to provide our customers with a premium service, it is important to us to know when you have any complaints about the product(s) you purchased. We urge you to do this -partly in order to limit any damage – as soon as possible. By law, a complaint should be submitted within two months of discovery and within the warranty period.
It is in your own interest to submit your complaint in writing.

If you submit a complaint to us, we will answer within 14 days. In case our response requires more time, we will let you know when to expect an answer within 14 days.

If this is not to your satisfaction, you may contact the mediation department of the Webshop Trustmark with which HG Dipping is affiliated. 

To view the RMA form, you need Adobe Reader.

Download Here te latest version for free.


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