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HG Dipping is certified by the Webshop Trustmark. This means shopping at HG Dipping is a safe and secure experience. The independent Trustmark performs a thorough inspection before proceeding to certification. The security of the payment methods we offer are closely inspected, as well as whether your data is safely stored. We also need to prove we abide by the terms and conditions stated elsewhere on this site.

Granting of the Webshop Trustmark means HG Dipping meets all the necessary requirements that are important to shop safely and securely. If you still have questions about ordering over the internet, please contact us. info@hgdipping.nl

HG Dipping is certified by:

Webshop Trustmark

Since 2001, the Webshop Trustmark is the main trade association and Homeshopping Hallmark for home stores that primarily offer their products and services over the Internet. With more than 3,900 affiliated merchants, this foundation is the largest accredited Quality Mark in the Netherlands. The affiliated stores are under independent supervision of the foundation. The Webshop Trustmark aims to protect consumers against shoddy merchants and / or home stores.

As of July 1, 2012, the foundation joined the Disputes Committee with its own Dispute Webshop, completely independent of the Webshop Trustmark. This connection took place in consultation with the Dutch Consumers’ Association and the SBC.

On April 17, 2008, Webshop Trustmark underwent the hallmark-test of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Accreditation Council performed the test, which examines whether a hallmark and the way the mark is granted, is reliable. The reliability is expressed with a score on the scale of 1 to 10.

The Webshop Trustmark scored a 10. Click here for review.

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